Presentation Coaching Clinic – March 29, 2012


Small Group Coaching Clinic

Are you ready to transform your presentations?
Would you like to crank up your presentation power to a higher level?
Do you have an important presentation that you want to turbo charge?

See, hear and do – that’s how you will learn.

This Small Group Coaching clinic offers you the unique opportunity to deliver part of your presentation before this intimate group and receive constructive and direct coaching from your presentation skills coach, George Torok.

You will experience and notice immediate improvements.

You can:
Polish an existing presentation
Develop or refine a new presentation
Receive hands-on coaching to advance your presentation skills

Client Feedback: bring out the best in other people
“One of George’s special talents is his ability to bring out the best in other people. He is able to put his finger on the key passage of a speech or a report and right away find a better way to express it in words, tones, or gestures.”
John Robert Colombo, C.M., D.Litt.
President, Colombo & Company; author of “Colombo’s Canadian Quotations”


You will receive:

  • 27 intensive minutes on the floor in the coaching spotlight
  • Tips, comments and suggestions on how to transform your presentation
  • An audio recording of your session so you don’t need to take notes
  • A front row seat to observe other participants as they receive coaching
  • Written feedback about your presentation from the rest of the group

Plus Follow up Support
Ask questions of your presentation coach up to 90 days after this clinic.
Access to additional presentation resources.

Client feedback: just what we wanted
“Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.”
Carol Ford, Training and Development Specialist
Bombardier Aerospace


Register for this Small Group Coaching Clinic Now

The maximum size of this group is 8.
With a full group this session will last 4 hours.
You are invited and encouraged to attend the full session.

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012
Time: 8:00am to 12:00 noon
Location: Toronto Airport Hotel Indigo
Parking: Included

Your Investment: $400 (plus HST)

Hurry and register now because we will only accept the first 8 people for this Small Group Coaching Clinic.

Imagine the success of your next presentation.

We will build on your strengths and mitigate the flaws.

Warning! This Small Group Coaching Clinic is not for everyone.

If you are a novice speaker, don’t register for this. Instead register for the seminar.

If you are not willing to stand up and speak in front of 8 strangers we can’t help you.

If you abhor direct and constructive feedback on how to get better, then stay away.

Click below to reserve your spot in this Small Group Coaching Clinic

If you prefer to register by phone, call 905-335-1997

This Small Group Coaching Clinic is for you if you are serious about making a dramatic transformation in your presentation results.

Client Feedback: amazed at the effect that one coaching session has had

“Your coaching proved to be an effective “just-in-time” learning for me. During our session you were able to observe my communication style and presentation format and provide me with targeted strategies that I could easily apply.

I have found that my approach to presentations has become more effective and productive! I am using the digital voice recorder to provide me with feedback as you had recommended. I am amazed at the effect that one coaching session has had.
Bianca Stern, Director Occupational Therapy
Baycrest Centre


Last chance to register and transform your next presentation

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives
Helping business leaders deliver million-dollar presentations

PS: Feel free to call with your questions. Call if you prefer to give your credit card information by phone.

PPS: Move fast, register now to reserve your place because we are only accepting 8 in this Small Group Coaching Clinic. Miss it and you’ll be kicking yourself.